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Our Company

Lubuk Printing is a new force in today’s printing industry.

We offer a variety range of products for inkjet printing, paper printing and display system.

Our belief is to work closely with our customers in order to provide the suitable printing solutions that will enable their business to gain the exposure needed.

Lubuk Printing persists in staying true to our Vision, Mission and Values to give the best printing experience and customer service support that will continuously help our customer feel important.


Delivers cost-effective print solutions for total satisfaction, while aspiring to provides the most dependable support, from initial contact to after-sales.


Fulfilling customer needs by being a reliable online printing service provider while giving them the very best customer service experience.

Our Values

Living It Every Moment of


To sum it all up in 3 words – Lubuk Printing is Passionate About You!


Where there is passion, there is love.
Where there is love, there is caring.
Where there is caring, there is commitment.
Where there is commitment,there is genuine service.

In order to deliver the best service,
we must first love what we do – Anis Permin


We deliver what we promise –
we do what we say we will do.

Towards Best Customer Experience

“To my customer, If may not know the answer,
I’ll find it for you. If I may not have the time,
I’ll make it for you.” – Lubuk Printing Team


Only top quality materials, leading-edge machines
& technology and skilled staff.


In all actions be sincere, honest and trustwor thy.

Giving Back to Communities

Helping the less fortunate and contributing
towards making lives better for others.